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Fee Protection


Tax Secure

An investigation into your tax affairs by HMRC is always time consuming, frequently costly and always stressful. A professional expenses insurance that pays the fees of your accountant to represent you is an essential. No one else but they understand how you work and what story your accounts records tell about how you operate your business. The only way to ensure they represent you in a dispute is to purchase an insurance that guarantees they will be your nominated representative.


Cash Secure

In times of financial uncertainty having the money and the right professional support available immediately it is needed is essential for small business owners.

Professional expenses policy Cash Secure should be used along side effective credit control mechanisms to ensure a greater degree of cash flow security.

In addition to financing any debt recovery and professional litigation costs it also gives the policy holder a help line to use when ever required. This support is provided by one of the largest firms of UK lawyers specialising in commercial matters so you can be confident of receiving the right advice and support when you need it most.


Rental Secure

Many residential landlords who have purchased property in the past five years face serious financial issues in the next few years. Lenders in the “buy to let” mortgage market are in crisis and many of them will be either unable or unwilling to offer non standard renewal terms. If you find yourself in a situation where the mortgage exceeds the rental receipts and a tenant is in default or worse how will you recover the finance you need to avoid repossession? The answer is simple. Cover the risk with Rental Secure so your litigation costs are covered and any rent voids paid until vacant possession is achieved.

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